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RecordsDisclosureRequests by law enforcementFees.

(1) If a financial institution discloses information in good faith concerning its customer or customers in accordance with this section, it shall not be liable to its customers or others for such disclosure or its consequences. Good faith will be presumed if the financial institution follows the procedures set forth in this section.
(2) A request for financial records made by a law enforcement officer shall be submitted to the financial institution in writing stating that the officer is conducting a criminal investigation of actual or attempted withdrawals from an account at the institution and that the officer reasonably believes a statutory notice of dishonor has been given pursuant to RCW 62A.3-515, fifteen days have elapsed, and the item remains unpaid. The request shall include the name and number of the account and be accompanied by a copy of:
(a) The front and back of at least one unpaid check or draft drawn on the account that has been presented for payment no fewer than two times or has been drawn on a closed account; and
(b) A statement of the dates or time period relevant to the investigation.
(3) To the extent permitted by federal law, under subsection (2) of this section a financial institution shall within a reasonable time disclose to a requesting law enforcement officer so much of the following information as has been requested concerning the account upon which the dishonored check or draft was drawn, to the extent the records can be located:
(a) The date the account was opened; the details and amount of the opening deposit to the account; and if closed, the reason the account was closed, the date the account was closed, and balance at date of closing;
(b) A copy of the statements of the account for the relevant period including dates under investigation and the preceding and following thirty days and the closing statement, if the account was closed;
(c) A copy of the front and back of the signature card; and
(d) If the account was closed by the financial institution, the name of the person notified of its closing and a copy of the notice of the account's closing and whether such notice was returned undelivered.
(4) Financial institutions may charge requesting parties a reasonable fee for the actual costs of providing services under this chapter. These fees may not exceed rates charged to federal agencies for similar requests. In the event an investigation results in conviction, the court may order the defendant to pay costs incurred by law enforcement under chapter 186, Laws of 1995.
[ 1995 c 186 § 2. Formerly RCW 30.22.240.]
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