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When construing sections and provisions of this chapter, the sections and provisions shall:
(1) Be liberally construed and applied to promote the purposes of the chapter; and
(2) Be considered part of a general act which is intended as unified coverage of the subject matter, and no part of the chapter shall be deemed impliedly repealed by subsequent legislation if such construction can be reasonably avoided; and
(3) Not be held invalid because of the invalidity of other sections or provisions of the chapter as long as the section or provision in question can be given effect without regard to the invalid section or provision, and to this end the sections and provisions of this chapter are declared to be severable; and
(4) Not be construed by reference to section or subsection headings as used in the chapter since these do not constitute any part of the law; and
(5) Not be deemed to alter the community or separate property nature of any funds held on deposit by a financial institution or any individual's community or separate property rights thereto, and a depositor's community and/or separate property rights to funds on deposit shall not be affected by the form of the account; and
(6) Not be construed as authorizing or extending the authority of any financial institution to accept deposits or to permit a financial institution to accept deposits from such persons or entities or upon such terms as would contravene any other applicable federal or state law.
[ 1981 c 192 § 3. Formerly RCW 30.22.030.]
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