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General penaltyEffect of conviction.

(1) Every person who shall knowingly violate, or knowingly aid or abet the violation of any provision of RCW 30A.04.010, 30A.04.030, 30A.04.050, 30A.04.060, 30A.04.070, 30A.04.075, 30A.04.111, 30A.04.120, 30A.04.130, 30A.04.180, 30A.04.210, 30A.04.220, 30A.04.280, 30A.04.300, 30A.08.010, 30A.08.020, 30A.08.030, 30A.08.040, 30A.08.050, 30A.08.060, 30A.08.080, 30A.08.090, 30A.08.140, 30A.08.150, * 30A.08.160, 30A.08.180, 30A.08.190, 30A.12.010, 30A.12.020, 30A.12.030, 30A.12.060, 30A.12.070, 30A.12.130, 30A.12.180, 30A.12.190, 30A.16.010, 30A.20.060, 30A.44.010, 30A.44.020, 30A.44.030, 30A.44.040, 30A.44.050, 30A.44.060, 30A.44.070, 30A.44.080, 30A.44.090, 30A.44.100, 30A.44.130, 30A.44.140, 30A.44.150, 30A.44.160, 30A.44.170, 30A.44.240, 30A.44.250, 43.320.060, 43.320.070, 43.320.080, and 43.320.100, and any director, officer, or employee of a bank or holding company who fails to perform any act which it is therein made his or her duty to perform, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
(2) A director, officer, or employee of a bank or holding company who has been convicted for the violation of the banking laws of this or any other state or of the United States shall not be permitted to engage in or become or remain a board director, officer, or employee of any bank, trust company, or holding company organized and existing under the laws of this state, or of any other depository institution, trust company, bank holding company, thrift holding company, or financial holding company doing business in this state.


*Reviser's note: RCW 30A.08.160 was repealed by 2019 c 389 § 103.
Effective date2010 c 88: See RCW 32.50.900.
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