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Extension of existenceApplicationInvestigationCertificateAppealWinding up for failure to continue existence.

At any time not less than one year prior to the expiration of the time of the existence of any bank, it may by written application to the director, signed and verified by a majority of its directors and approved in writing by the owners of not less than two-thirds of its capital stock, apply to the director for leave to file amended articles of incorporation, extending its time of existence. Prior to acting upon such application, the director shall make such investigation of the applicant as he or she deems necessary. If the director determines that the applicant is in sound condition, that it is conducting its business in a safe manner and in compliance with law and that no reason exists why it should not be permitted to continue, he or she shall issue to the applicant a certificate authorizing it to file amended articles of incorporation extending the time of its existence until such time as it be dissolved by the act of its shareholders owning not less than two-thirds of its stock, or until its certificate of authority becomes revoked or forfeited by reason of violation of law, or until its affairs be taken over by the director for legal cause and finally wound up by him or her. Otherwise the director shall notify the applicant that he or she refuses to grant such certificate. The applicant may appeal from such refusal in the same manner as in the case of a refusal to grant an original certificate of authority. Otherwise the determination of the director shall be conclusive.
Upon receiving a certificate, as hereinabove provided, the applicant may file amended articles of incorporation, extending the time of its existence for the term authorized, to which shall be attached a copy of the certificate of the director. Such articles shall be filed in the same manner and upon payment of the same fees as for original articles of incorporation.
Should any bank fail to continue its existence in the manner herein provided and be not previously dissolved, the director shall at the end of its original term of existence immediately take possession thereof and wind up the same in the same manner as in the case of insolvency.
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