Chapter 30A.04 RCW



30A.04.002Short title.
30A.04.005Legislative declarations.
30A.04.007NoticeUse of internetRules.
30A.04.017Director's subpoenasUnauthorized banking activity.
30A.04.020Use of words indicating bank or trust companyPenalty.
30A.04.025Financial institutionsLoan chargesOut-of-state national banks.
30A.04.030RulesAdministration and interpretation of title.
30A.04.045DirectorPowers under chapter 19.144 RCW.
30A.04.050Duty to complyViolationsPenalty.
30A.04.060Examinations directedCooperative agreements and actions.
30A.04.070Costs of examination, filing, and other service feesNondirect expenses.
30A.04.075Examination reports and informationConfidentialityDisclosurePenalty.
30A.04.111Limit on loans and extensions of credit to one personExceptionsDefinitionsRulesNonconforming loans and extensions of credit.
30A.04.112"Loans or obligations" and "liabilities" limited for purposes of RCW 30.04.111.
30A.04.120Loans on own stock prohibitedShares of other corporations.
30A.04.125Investment in corporationsAuthorized businesses.
30A.04.127Formation, incorporation, or investment in corporations or other entities authorizedApprovalException.
30A.04.129Investment in obligations issued or guaranteed by multilateral development bank.
30A.04.130Defaulted debts, judgments to be charged offValuation of assets.
30A.04.140Pledge of securities or assets prohibitedExceptions.
30A.04.210Real estate holdings.
30A.04.212Real property and improvements thereon.
30A.04.214Qualifying community investments.
30A.04.215Engaging in other business activities.
30A.04.217Additional powers of a bankPowers and authorities of savings bankDefinitionRestrictions.
30A.04.220Corporations existing under former laws.
30A.04.225Contributions and gifts.
30A.04.230Authority of corporation or association to acquire stock of bank or national banking association.
30A.04.232Additional authority of out-of-state holding company to acquire stock or assets of bank or national banking association.
30A.04.238Purchase of own capital stock authorized.
30A.04.240Trust business to be kept separateAuthorized deposit of securities.
30A.04.260Legal services, advertising ofPenalty.
30A.04.280Compliance enjoinedBanking, trust business, branchesDirector's authorityRules.
30A.04.285Director's approval of a branchSatisfactory financial conditionAffiliated commercial locations.
30A.04.295Agency agreementsWritten notice to director.
30A.04.300Foreign branch banks.
30A.04.330Saturday closing authorized.
30A.04.375Investment in stock, participation certificates, and other evidences of participation.
30A.04.380Investment in paid-in capital stock and surplus of banks or corporations engaged in international or foreign banking.
30A.04.390Acquisition of stock of banks organized under laws of foreign country, etc.
30A.04.395Continuing authority for investments.
30A.04.400Bank acquisition or controlDefinitions.
30A.04.405Bank acquisition or controlNotice or applicationRegistration statementViolationsPenalties.
30A.04.410Bank acquisition or controlDisapproval by directorChange of officers.
30A.04.450Notice of chargesReasons for issuanceContentsHearingCease and desist order.
30A.04.455Temporary cease and desist orderReasons for issuance.
30A.04.460Temporary cease and desist orderInjunction to set aside, limit, or suspend temporary order.
30A.04.465Violations or unsafe or unsound practicesInjunction to enforce temporary order.
30A.04.470Order to refrain from violations or practicesAdministrative hearing or judicial review.
30A.04.475Order to refrain from violations or practicesJurisdiction of courts in enforcement or issuance of orders, injunctions, or judicial review.
30A.04.500Fairness in lending actShort title.
30A.04.505Fairness in lending actDefinitions.
30A.04.510Fairness in lending actUnlawful practices.
30A.04.515Fairness in lending actSound underwriting practices not precluded.
30A.04.550Reorganization as subsidiary of bank holding companyAuthority.
30A.04.555Reorganization as subsidiary of bank holding companyProcedure.
30A.04.560Reorganization as subsidiary of bank holding companyDissenter's rightsConditions.
30A.04.565Reorganization as subsidiary of bank holding companyValuation of shares of dissenting shareholders.
30A.04.570Reorganization as subsidiary of bank holding companyApproval of directorCertificate of reorganizationExchange of shares.
30A.04.575Public hearing prior to approval of reorganizationRequest.
30A.04.600ShareholdersActions authorized without meetingsWritten consent.
30A.04.605Directors, committeesActions authorized without meetingsWritten consent.
30A.04.610Directors, committeesMeetings authorized by conference telephone or similar communications equipment.
30A.04.650Automated teller machines and night depositories security.
30A.04.902Effective date2014 c 37.


Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
Depositaries of state funds: Chapter 43.85 RCW.
Employee benefit plansPayment as discharge: RCW 49.64.030.
Federal bonds and notes as investment or collateral: Chapter 39.60 RCW.
Interest and usury in general: Chapter 19.52 RCW.
Issuance of money, liability of stockholders: State Constitution Art. 12 § 11.