Chapter 3.66 RCW



HTMLPDF 3.66.010Powers of district court.
HTMLPDF 3.66.020Civil jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 3.66.030Restrictions on civil jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 3.66.040VenueCivil action.
HTMLPDF 3.66.050Transfer of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 3.66.060Criminal jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 3.66.065Assessment of punishment.
HTMLPDF 3.66.067Assessment of punishmentSuspension or deferral of sentenceDismissal of charges.
HTMLPDF 3.66.068Assessment of punishmentSuspension or deferral of sentenceTerms.
HTMLPDF 3.66.069Assessment of punishmentRevocation of deferred or suspended sentenceLimitationsTermination of probation.
HTMLPDF 3.66.0691SentencingCrimes against propertyCriminal history check.
HTMLPDF 3.66.070VenueCriminal actionsTemporary venue.
HTMLPDF 3.66.080Criminal venue corrected.
HTMLPDF 3.66.090Change of venue.
HTMLPDF 3.66.100Territorial jurisdictionProcessLimitation.
HTMLPDF 3.66.110Advertising authority to solemnize marriages is breach of judicial ethics.
HTMLPDF 3.66.115"Legal financial obligation"Defined.
HTMLPDF 3.66.120Court-ordered restitutionEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 3.66.130Court-ordered restitutionPayment.
HTMLPDF 3.66.140Offender supervision by another state.


Removal of certain civil actions to superior court: Chapter 4.14 RCW.