Chapter 29A.68 RCW



HTMLPDF 29A.68.011Prevention and correction of ballot frauds and errors.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.013Prevention and correction of frauds and errorsPrimary, election, challenge to certification of measure.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.020Commencement by registered voterCauses for.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.030Affidavit of error or omissionContentsWitnesses.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.040Hearing dateIssuance of citationService.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.050Witnesses to attendHearing of contestJudgment.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.060Costs, how awarded.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.070Misconduct of boardIrregularity material to result.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.080Misconduct of boardNumber of votes affectedEnough to change result.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.090Illegal votesAllegation of.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.100Illegal votesList required for testimony.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.110Illegal votesNumber of votes affectedEnough to change result.
HTMLPDF 29A.68.120Election set asideAppeal period.