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ExpensesChargesReimbursement by state.

The canvassing board shall determine the expenses for conducting a recount of votes.
(1) For a recount conducted under RCW 29A.64.011, the cost of the recount shall be deducted from the amount deposited by the applicant for the recount at the time of filing the request for the recount, and the balance shall be returned to the applicant. If the costs of the recount exceed the deposit, the applicant shall pay the difference. No charges may be deducted by the canvassing board from the deposit for a recount if the recount changes the result of the nomination or election for which the recount was ordered.
(2) For a recount conducted under RCW 29A.64.021, for an office where the candidates filed the declarations of candidacy with the secretary of state, any legislative office, and any congressional office, the county auditor shall file an expense claim for such costs with the secretary of state. The secretary of state shall include a budget request to the legislature during the next legislative session for sufficient funds for reimbursement of all costs of the recount and shall pay all properly executed and documented vouchers to the counties within thirty days of allotment of specifically appropriated funds for this purpose. The secretary of state shall promptly notify any county that submits an incomplete or inaccurate voucher for reimbursement under this section.
(3) State and federal offices are to be considered one entity for purposes of election cost proration and reimbursement.


Effective date2020 c 337: See note following RCW 29A.04.410.
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