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Multiple certificates of nomination.

(1) If two or more valid certificates of nomination are filed purporting to nominate different candidates for the same position using the same party name, the filing officer must give effect to both certificates. If conflicting claims to the party name are not resolved either by mutual agreement or by a judicial determination of the right to the name, the candidates must be treated as independent candidates. Disputes over the right to the name must not be permitted to delay the printing of either ballots or a voters' pamphlet. Other candidates nominated by the same conventions may continue to use the partisan affiliation unless a court of competent jurisdiction directs otherwise.
(2) A person affected may petition the superior court of the county in which the filing officer is located for a judicial determination of the right to the name of a minor political party, either before or after documents are filed with the filing officer. The court shall resolve the conflict between competing claims to the use of the same party name according to the following principles: (a) The prior established public use of the name during previous elections by a party composed of or led by the same individuals or individuals in documented succession; (b) prior established public use of the name earlier in the same election cycle; (c) the nomination of a more complete slate of candidates for a number of offices or in a number of different regions of the state; (d) documented affiliation with a national or statewide party organization with an established use of the name; (e) the first date of filing of a certificate of nomination; and (f) such other indicia of an established right to use of the name as the court may deem relevant. If more than one filing officer is involved, and one of them is the secretary of state, the petition must be filed in the superior court for Thurston county. Upon resolving the conflict between competing claims, the court may also address any ballot designation for the candidate who does not prevail.
[ 2004 c 271 § 155. Formerly RCW 29A.20.171.]
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