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DelegatesDeclarations of candidacy.

Anyone desiring to file as a candidate for election as a delegate to the convention shall, not less than thirty nor more than sixty days before the date fixed for holding the election, file a declaration of candidacy with the secretary of state. Filing must be made on a form to be prescribed by the secretary of state and include a sworn statement of the candidate as being either for or against the amendment that will be submitted to a vote of the convention and that the candidate will, if elected as a delegate, vote in accordance with the declaration. The form must be so worded that the candidate must give a plain unequivocal statement of his or her views as either for or against the proposal upon which he or she will, if elected, be called upon to vote. No candidate may in any such filing make any statement or declaration as to party politics or political faith or beliefs. The fee for filing as a candidate is ten dollars and must be transmitted to the secretary of state with the filing papers and be by the secretary of state transmitted to the state treasurer for the use of the general fund.
[ 2003 c 111 § 1435; 1965 c 9 § 29.74.060. Prior: 1933 c 181 § 3; RRS § 5249-3. Formerly RCW 29.74.060.]
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