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The secretary of state as chief election officer may make rules in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW to facilitate the operation, accomplishment, and purpose of the presidential primary authorized in RCW * 29A.56.010 through 29A.56.060. The secretary of state shall adopt rules consistent with this chapter to comply with national or state political party rules.
[ 2003 c 111 § 162; 1995 1st sp.s. c 20 § 4; 1989 c 4 § 7 (Initiative Measure No. 99). Formerly RCW 29.19.070.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 29A.56.010 was decodified pursuant to 2019 c 7 § 8.
Effective date1995 1st sp.s. c 20: See note following RCW 29A.56.020.
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