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Denial of certificationReview and appeal.

(1) A decision of the secretary of state to deny certification under RCW 29A.04.530 must be entered in the manner specified for orders under the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW. Such a decision is not effective for a period of twenty days following the date of the decision, during which time the person denied certification may file a petition with the secretary of state requesting the secretary to reconsider the decision and to grant certification. The petitioner shall include in the petition, an explanation of the reasons why the initial decision is incorrect and certification should be granted, and may include a request for a hearing on the matter. The secretary of state shall reconsider the matter if the petition is filed in a proper and timely manner. If a hearing is requested, the secretary of state shall conduct the hearing within sixty days after the date on which the petition is filed. The secretary of state shall render a final decision on the matter within ninety days after the date on which the petition is filed.
(2) Within twenty days after the date on which the secretary of state makes a final decision denying a petition under this section, the petitioner may appeal the denial to the board created in RCW 29A.04.510. In deciding appeals, the board shall restrict its review to the record established when the matter was before the secretary of state. The board shall affirm the decision if it finds that the record supports the decision and that the decision is not inconsistent with other decisions of the secretary of state in which the same standards were applied and certification was granted. Similarly, the board shall reverse the decision and recommend to the secretary of state that certification be granted if the board finds that such support is lacking or that such inconsistency exists.
(3) Judicial review of certification decisions will be as prescribed under RCW 34.05.510 through 34.05.598, but is limited to the review of board decisions denying certification.


Effective date1992 c 163 §§ 5-13: See note following RCW 29A.04.530.
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