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State share.

(1) Whenever federal officers, state officers, or measures are voted upon at a state primary or general election held under RCW 29A.04.321, the state of Washington shall assume a prorated share of the costs of that state primary or general election for the federal and state offices and measures, including the prorated cost of return postage, required to be included on return envelopes pursuant to RCW 29A.40.091.
(2) Whenever a primary or vacancy election is held to fill a vacancy in the position of United States senator or United States representative under chapter 29A.28 RCW, the state of Washington shall assume a prorated share of the costs of that primary or vacancy election.
(3) The county auditor shall apportion the state's share of these expenses when prorating election costs under RCW 29A.04.410 and in accordance with the state budgeting, accounting, and reporting system, shall file such expense claims with the secretary of state.
(4) The secretary of state shall include in his or her biennial budget requests sufficient funds to carry out this section. Reimbursements for election costs shall be from appropriations specifically provided by law for that purpose.
(5) State and federal offices are to be considered one entity for purposes of election cost proration and reimbursement.


Effective date2020 c 337: See note following RCW 29A.04.410.
FindingsEffective date2019 c 161: See notes following RCW 29A.40.091.
Legislative intent1985 c 45: "It is the intention of the legislature that sections 2 through 7 of this act shall provide an orderly and predictable election procedure for filling vacancies in the offices of United States representative and United States senator." [ 1985 c 45 § 1.]
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