Chapter 28A.600 RCW



28A.600.006Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
28A.600.010Enforcement of rules of conductDue process guaranteesComputation of days for short-term and long-term suspensions.
28A.600.015Expulsions and suspensionsRules incorporating due processShort-term and long-term suspensionsEmergency expulsionsDiscretionary discipline.
28A.600.020Exclusion of student from classroomWritten disciplinary proceduresLong-term suspension or expulsion.
28A.600.022Suspended or expelled studentsReengagement plan.
28A.600.025Students' rights of religious expressionDuty of superintendent of public instruction to inform school districts.
28A.600.027Student expression in school-sponsored media.
28A.600.030Grading policiesOption to consider attendance.
28A.600.035Policies on secondary school access and egress.
28A.600.040Pupils to comply with rules and regulations.
28A.600.045Comprehensive guidance and planning programs for students.
28A.600.050State honors awards program establishedPurpose.
28A.600.060State honors awards programAreas included.
28A.600.070State honors awards programRules.
28A.600.080State honors awards programMaterialsRecognition by business and industry encouraged.
28A.600.100Washington scholars' programPurpose.
28A.600.110Washington scholars' programEstablishedScope.
28A.600.120Washington scholars' programAdministrationCooperation with other agencies.
28A.600.130Washington scholars' programPlanning committeeCompositionDuties.
28A.600.140Washington scholars' programPrincipals' association to submit names to office of student financial assistance.
28A.600.150Washington scholars' programSelection of scholars and scholars-alternatesNotification processCertificatesAwards ceremony.
28A.600.160Educational pathways.
28A.600.190Youth sportsConcussion and head injury guidelinesInjured athlete restrictionsShort title.
28A.600.192Diagnosed concussionsAnnual reports by public schools.
28A.600.195Sudden cardiac arrest in youth athletesOnline pamphletOnline prevention program for coaches.
28A.600.200Interschool athletic and other extracurricular activities for studentsAuthority to regulate and impose penaltiesDelegation of authorityConditions.
28A.600.205Interscholastic activitiesAppeals from noneligibility issuesAppeals committeeAppeals to Washington interscholastic activities association executive boardLimitations on penalties and sanctions.
28A.600.207Extracurricular activitiesStreamlining fee collection.
28A.600.210School locker searchesFindings.
28A.600.220School locker searchesNo expectation of privacy.
28A.600.230School locker searchesAuthorizationLimitations.
28A.600.240School locker searchesNotice and reasonable suspicion requirements.
28A.600.280Dual credit programsAnnual report.
28A.600.285Dual credit programsImpact on financial aid eligibilityGuidelines.
28A.600.287College in the high school program.
28A.600.290College in the high school programFunding.
28A.600.300Running start programDefinition.
28A.600.310Running start programEnrollment in institutions of higher educationStudent feesFee waiversTransmittal of funds.
28A.600.320Running start programInformation on enrollment.
28A.600.330Running start programMaximum terms of enrollment for high school credit.
28A.600.340Running start programEnrolled students not displaced.
28A.600.350Running start programEnrollment for secondary and postsecondary credit.
28A.600.360Running start programEnrollment in postsecondary institutionDetermination of high school creditsApplication toward graduation requirements.
28A.600.370Running start programPostsecondary credit.
28A.600.380Running start programSchool district not responsible for transportation.
28A.600.385Running start programCooperative agreements with community colleges in Oregon and Idaho.
28A.600.390Running start programRules.
28A.600.400Running start programExisting agreements not affected.
28A.600.405Participation in high school completion pilot programEligible studentsFunding allocationsRulesInformation for students and parents.
28A.600.410Alternatives to suspensionEncouraged.
28A.600.420Firearms on school premises, transportation, or facilitiesPenaltyExemptions.
28A.600.455Gang activitySuspension or expulsion.
28A.600.460Classroom disciplinePoliciesClassroom placement of student offendersData on disciplinary actions.
28A.600.475Exchange of information with law enforcement and juvenile court officialsNotification of parents and students.
28A.600.477Prohibition of harassment, intimidation, and bullying.
28A.600.480Reporting of harassment, intimidation, or bullyingRetaliation prohibitedImmunity.
28A.600.485Restraint of studentsUse of restraint or isolation specified in individualized education programs or plans developed under section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973ProceduresSummary of incidents of isolation or restraintPublishing to website.
28A.600.486District policy on the use of isolation and restraintNotice to parents and guardians of children who have individualized education programs or plans developed under section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973.
28A.600.490Discipline task forceDevelopment of standard definitionsDevelopment of data collection standardsMembershipStatewide student data system revision.
28A.600.500Graduation ceremoniesTribal regalia.


Uniform minor student capacity to borrow act: Chapter 26.30 RCW.