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G. Robert Ross distinguished faculty award.

The G. Robert Ross distinguished faculty award is hereby established. The board of trustees at Western Washington University shall establish the guidelines for the selection of the recipients of the G. Robert Ross distinguished faculty award. The board shall establish a local endowment fund for the deposit of all state funds appropriated for this purpose and any private donations. The board shall administer the endowment fund and the award. The principal of the invested endowment fund shall not be invaded and the proceeds from the endowment fund may be used to supplement the salary of the holder of the award, to pay salaries of his or her assistants, and to pay expenses associated with the holder's scholarly work.


Finding1988 c 125 s 2: "The legislature finds that G. Robert Ross, immediate past president of Western Washington University, was an exemplary university president who helped lead his school to a position of increasing excellence and national prominence. Dr. Ross was a convincing spokesperson for excellence in all areas of education and was a leader who strongly encouraged the faculty and staff at Western Washington University to be actively involved in the pursuit of scholarly activities.
The legislature wishes to honor the public spirit, dedication, integrity, perseverance, inspiration, and accomplishments of Western Washington University faculty through the creation of the G. Robert Ross Distinguished Faculty Award." [ 1988 c 125 s 1.]
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