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Nonprofit program for elderlyAuthorizedRestrictions.

The board of directors of any school district may establish or allow for the establishment of a nonprofit meal program for feeding elderly persons residing within the area served by such school district using school facilities, and may authorize the extension of any school food services for the purpose of feeding elderly persons, subject to the following conditions and restrictions:
(1) The charge to such persons for each meal shall not exceed the actual cost of such meal to the school.
(2) The program will utilize methods of administration which will assure that the maximum number of eligible individuals may have an opportunity to participate in such a program, and will coordinate, whenever possible, with the local area agency on aging.
(3) Any nonprofit meal program established pursuant to RCW 28A.235.120, 28A.623.010, and 28A.623.020 may not be operated so as to interfere with the normal educational process within the schools.
(4) No school district funds may be used for the operation of such a meal program.
(5) For purposes of RCW 28A.235.120, 28A.623.010, and 28A.623.020, "elderly persons" shall mean persons who are at least sixty years of age.
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