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Designation of high school district nonhigh district students shall attendEffect when attendance otherwise.

(1) In cases where high school students resident in a nonhigh school district are to be educated in a high school district, the board of directors of the nonhigh school district shall, by mutual agreement with the serving district(s), designate the serving high school district or districts which its high school students shall attend. A nonhigh school district shall designate a district as a serving high school district when more than thirty-three and one-third percent of the high school students residing within the boundaries of the nonhigh school district are enrolled in the serving district.
(2) Students residing in a nonhigh school district shall be allowed to attend a high school other than in the designated serving district referred to in subsection (1) of this section, however the nonhigh school board of directors shall not be required to contribute to building programs in any such high school district. Contribution shall be made only to those districts which are designated as serving high school districts at the time the county auditor is requested by the high school district to place a measure on the ballot regarding a proposal or proposals for the issuance of bonds or the authorization of an excess tax levy to provide capital funds for building programs. The nonhigh school district shall be subject to the capital fund aid provisions contained in this chapter with respect to the designated high school serving district(s).
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