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Factors to be considered in preparation of plan.

The regional committee on school district organization shall give consideration to:
(1) The report submitted by the board of directors as stated above;
(2) The exclusion from the plan of nonhigh school districts because of remoteness or isolation or because they are so situated with respect to location, present and/or clearly foreseeable future population, and other pertinent factors as to warrant the establishment of a high school therein within a period of two years or the inclusion of their territory in some other nonhigh school district within which the establishment of a high school within a period of two years is warranted;
(3) The assessed valuation of the school districts involved;
(4) The cash balance, if any, in the capital projects fund of the district submitting the request which is designated for high school building construction purposes, together with the sources of such balance; and
(5) Any other factors found by the committee to have a bearing on the preparation of an equitable plan.


Severability1985 c 385: See note following RCW 28A.315.025.
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