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ManualContentsPreparation and revision.

It shall be the duty of the superintendent of public instruction, in consultation with the Washington state department of social and health services, to prepare, and so often as the superintendent deems necessary revise, a manual for the information and guidance of local school district authorities and others responsible for and concerned with the designing, planning, maintenance, and operation of school plant facilities for the common schools. In the preparation and revision of the aforesaid manual due consideration shall be given to the presentation of information regarding (1) the need for cooperative state-local district action in planning school plant facilities arising out of the cooperative plan for financing said facilities provided for in RCW 28A.525.010 through 28A.525.080 and 28A.335.230; (2) procedures in inaugurating and conducting a school plant planning program for a school district; (3) standards for use in determining the selection and development of school sites and in designing, planning, and constructing school buildings to the end that the health, safety, and educational well-being and development of school children will be served; (4) the planning of readily expansible and flexible school buildings to meet the requirements of an increasing school population and a constantly changing educational program; (5) an acceptable school building maintenance program and the necessity therefor; (6) the relationship of an efficient school building operations service to the health and educational progress of pupils; and (7) any other matters regarded by the aforesaid officer as pertinent or related to the purposes and requirements of RCW 28A.525.010 through 28A.525.080 and 28A.335.230.
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