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Elementary mathematics specialists.

(1) For the purposes of this section, an elementary mathematics specialist is a certificated teacher who has demonstrated at least the following knowledge and skills:
(a) Enhanced mathematics content knowledge and skills necessary to provide students in grades kindergarten through eight a deep understanding of the essential academic learning requirements and performance expectations in mathematics;
(b) Knowledge and skills in a variety of instructional strategies for teaching mathematics content; and
(c) Knowledge and skills in instructional strategies targeted for students struggling with mathematics.
(2) The legislature encourages the professional educator standards board to develop standards for and adopt a specialty endorsement for elementary mathematics specialists as defined under this section.
(3) School districts may work with local colleges and universities, educator preparation programs, and educational service districts to develop and offer training and professional development opportunities in the knowledge and skills necessary for a teacher to be considered an elementary mathematics specialist under this section.
(4) School districts are encouraged to use elementary mathematics specialists for direct instruction of students using an itinerant teacher model where the specialist rotates from classroom to classroom within the school.


FindingIntent2011 c 209: "The legislature finds that significant changes have been made in recent years to improve Washington's mathematics standards. Additional mathematics coursework, at a more rigorous level, will be required for high school graduation. Efforts to increase the rigor of high school mathematics will ultimately not be successful unless students in elementary and middle school are better prepared in mathematics. Successful preparation is more likely to occur if students have the opportunity to receive instruction from a teacher with proficiency in both mathematics content and effective instructional methods in mathematics for elementary and middle school students. It is the legislature's intent to encourage elementary teachers who enjoy and excel in mathematics to become specialists, and to encourage school districts to assign these specialists to teach elementary and middle school mathematics, thereby transmitting both their expertise and their enthusiasm for the subject to their students." [ 2011 c 209 § 1.]
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