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Additional powers of board.

Every board of directors of a school district of the first class, in addition to the general powers for directors enumerated in this title, shall have the power:
(1) To employ for a term of not exceeding three years a superintendent of schools of the district, and for cause to dismiss him or her, and to fix his or her duties and compensation;
(2) To employ, and for cause dismiss one or more assistant superintendents and to define their duties and fix their compensation;
(3) To employ a business manager, attorneys, architects, inspectors of construction, superintendents of buildings and a superintendent of supplies, all of whom shall serve at the board's pleasure, and to prescribe their duties and fix their compensation;
(4) To employ, and for cause dismiss, supervisors of instruction and to define their duties and fix their compensation;
(5) To prescribe a course of study and a program of exercises which shall be consistent with the course of study prepared by the superintendent of public instruction for the use of the common schools of this state;
(6) To, in addition to the minimum requirements imposed by this title establish and maintain such grades and departments, including night, high, kindergarten, vocational training and, except as otherwise provided by law, industrial schools, and schools and departments for the education and training of any class or classes of youth with disabilities, as in the judgment of the board, best shall promote the interests of education in the district;
(7) To determine the length of time over and above one hundred eighty days that school shall be maintained: PROVIDED, That for purposes of apportionment no district shall be credited with more than one hundred and eighty-three days' attendance in any school year; and to fix the time for annual opening and closing of schools and for the daily dismissal of pupils before the regular time for closing schools;
(8) To maintain a shop and repair department, and to employ, and for cause dismiss, a foreman and the necessary help for the maintenance and conduct thereof;
(9) To provide free textbooks and supplies for all children attending school;
(10) To require of the officers or employees of the district to give a bond for the honest performance of their duties in such penal sum as may be fixed by the board with good and sufficient surety, and to cause the premium for all bonds required of all such officers or employees to be paid by the district: PROVIDED, That the board may, by written policy, allow that such bonds may include a deductible proviso not to exceed two percent of the officer's or employee's annual salary;
(11) To prohibit all secret fraternities and sororities among the students in any of the schools of the said districts; and
(12) To appoint a practicing physician, resident of the school district, who shall be known as the school district medical inspector, and whose duty it shall be to decide for the board of directors all questions of sanitation and health affecting the safety and welfare of the public schools of the district who shall serve at the board's pleasure: PROVIDED, That children shall not be required to submit to vaccination against the will of their parents or guardian.


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