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Dissolution and annexation of certain districtsDissolution of financially insolvent districtsAnnexation of nondistrict property.

(1) In case any school district has an average enrollment of fewer than five kindergarten through eighth grade pupils during the preceding three consecutive school years or has not made a reasonable effort to maintain, during the preceding school year at least the minimum term of school required by law, the educational service district superintendent shall report that fact to the regional committee, which committee shall dissolve the school district and annex the territory thereof to some other district or districts. For the purposes of this section, in addition to any other finding, "reasonable effort" shall be deemed to mean the attempt to make up whatever days are short of the legal requirement by conducting of school classes on any days to include available holidays, though not to include Saturdays and Sundays, prior to June 15th of that year. School districts operating an extended school year program, most commonly implemented as a 45-15 plan, shall be deemed to be making a reasonable effort. In the event any school district has suffered any interruption in its normal school calendar due to a strike or other work stoppage or slowdown by any of its employees that district shall not be subject to this section.
(2) A financially insolvent school district may be dissolved and annexed to one or more contiguous districts, in accordance with an agreement between the insolvent district and at least one other contiguous district, that has been approved by the financial oversight committee, or in accordance with the decision of the regional committee. A financially insolvent district may file bankruptcy only if it is recommended by the financial oversight committee.
(3)(a) A petition to dissolve a financially insolvent school district may be filed with the educational service district superintendent by the superintendent of public instruction if, before signing and filing the petition, the financial oversight committee was convened and recommended that the district be dissolved.
(b) A petition for dissolution under this subsection (3) must include the name of the financially insolvent district, the legal boundaries of the district, the names of contiguous school districts, the basis for concluding the district is financially insolvent, a map with legal description of the proposed annexation of the financially insolvent school district to one or more contiguous school districts, and any proposed equitable adjustments of assets and liabilities for the affected districts. The proposed annexation and equitable adjustment of assets and liabilities must be based on the factors in RCW 28A.315.015(2), 28A.315.205(4), and 28A.315.245.
(c) The superintendent of public instruction, at the recommendation of the financial oversight committee, may take the following actions upon filing a petition to dissolve a financially insolvent school district: Authorize liquidation or disposition of fixed assets and contractual liabilities by any reasonable and documented method.
(d) A petition to dissolve a financially insolvent school district shall be processed in accordance with RCW 28A.315.199 and 28A.315.205.
(4) The superintendent of public instruction may request an appropriation to address matters associated with the dissolution of a financially insolvent school district.
(5) The superintendent of public instruction may adopt rules governing actions that may be taken to prevent a school district from being dissolved and to assist in the orderly and timely dissolution and annexation of school districts that are unable to avoid financial insolvency.
(6) In case any territory is not a part of any school district, the educational service district superintendent shall present to the regional committee a proposal for the annexation of the territory to some contiguous district or districts.


Effective date2015 c 82: "This act takes effect September 1, 2015." [ 2015 c 82 s 2.]
Effective date2012 c 186: See note following RCW 28A.315.025.
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