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Energy information program.

The office of the superintendent of public instruction shall develop an energy information program for use in local school districts. The program shall utilize existing curriculum which may include curriculum as developed by districts or the state relating to the requirement under RCW 28A.230.020 that schools provide instruction in science with special reference to the environment, and shall include but not be limited to the following elements:
(1) The fundamental role energy plays in the national and regional economy;
(2) Descriptions and explanations of the various sources of energy which are used both regionally and nationally;
(3) Descriptions and explanations of the ways to use various energy sources more efficiently; and
(4) Advantages and disadvantages to the various sources of present and future supplies of energy.
Under this section the office of superintendent of public instruction shall emphasize providing teacher training, promoting the use of local energy experts in the classroom, and dissemination of energy education curriculum.


Findings1990 c 301: "The legislature finds that the state is facing an impending energy supply crisis. The legislature further finds that keeping the importance of energy in the minds of state residents is essential as a means to help avert a future energy supply crisis and that citizens need to be aware of the importance and trade-offs associated with energy efficiency, the implications of wasteful uses of energy, and the need for long-term stable supplies of energy. One efficient and effective method of informing the state's citizens on energy issues is to begin in the school system, where information may guide energy use decisions for decades into the future." [ 1990 c 301 § 1.]
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