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School district fiscal notes.

(1) The office of the superintendent of public instruction shall, where it is practicable to do so within available resources, prepare school district fiscal notes on proposed legislation that increases or decreases, or tends to increase or decrease, school district revenues or expenditures in a manner that uniquely affects school districts. Proposed legislation that uniquely affects school districts includes, but is not limited to, legislation that affects school districts' responsibilities as providers of educational services under this title, as employers under chapter 41.59 RCW, or as excess levy taxing authorities under RCW 84.52.053 and 84.52.0531, but excludes proposed legislation that affects school districts only in the same manner that it affects other units of local government.
(2) Where practicable, the school district fiscal note shall show the fiscal impact of the proposed legislation on each school district. Where it is not practicable to do so, the school district fiscal note shall show the effect of the legislation on a range of representative school districts. The fiscal note must set forth any assumptions that were used in selecting the representative districts, along with any other assumptions made about the fiscal impact.
(3) School district fiscal notes prepared under this section are subject to coordination by the office of financial management under RCW 43.88A.020 and are otherwise subject to the requirements and procedures of chapter 43.88A RCW.
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