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Assistance of certificated or classified employeeReimbursement for substitute.

If the superintendent of public instruction, the Washington professional educator standards board, or the state board of education, in carrying out their powers and duties under Title 28A RCW, request the service of any certificated or classified employee of a school district upon any committee formed for the purpose of furthering education within the state, or within any school district therein, and such service would result in a need for a school district to employ a substitute for such certificated or classified employee during such service, payment for such a substitute may be made by the superintendent of public instruction from funds appropriated by the legislature for the current use of the common schools and such payments shall be construed as amounts needed for state support to the common schools under RCW 28A.150.380. If such substitute is paid by the superintendent of public instruction, no deduction shall be made from the salary of the certificated or classified employee. In no event shall a school district deduct from the salary of a certificated or classified employee serving on such committee more than the amount paid the substitute employed by the district.
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