Chapter 28A.235 RCW



28A.235.010Superintendent of public instruction authorized to receive and disburse federal funds.
28A.235.020Payment of costsFederal food services revolving fundDisbursements.
28A.235.036Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
28A.235.040Acquisition authorized.
28A.235.050Contracts forOther law applicable to.
28A.235.060Advancement of costs from revolving fund moneysReimbursement by school district to include transaction expense.
28A.235.070Revolving fund created.
28A.235.080Revolving fundAdministration of fundUseSchool district requisition as prerequisite.
28A.235.090Revolving fundDepositories for fund, bond or security forManner of payments from fund.
28A.235.110Suspension of laws, rules, inconsistent herewith.
28A.235.120Meal programsEstablishment and operationPersonnelAgreements.
28A.235.130Milk for children at school expense.
28A.235.140School breakfast programs.
28A.235.145School breakfast and lunch programsUse of state funds.
28A.235.150School breakfast and lunch programsGrants to increase participationIncreased state support.
28A.235.155Federal summer food service programAdministration of fundsGrants.
28A.235.160Requirements to implement school breakfast, lunch, and summer food service programsExemptions.
28A.235.170Washington grown fresh fruit and vegetable grant program.
28A.235.180Farm-to-school initiatives.
28A.235.200Breakfast after the bell programDefinitions.
28A.235.210Breakfast after the bell program.
28A.235.220Breakfast after the bell programGuidelines and training.
28A.235.230Breakfast after the bell programFunding for implementation.
28A.235.240Breakfast after the bell programAnalysis.
28A.235.250Free or reduced-price mealsApplications.
28A.235.260Free or reduced-price mealsStudent assistance.
28A.235.270Free or reduced-price mealsSchool prohibitions.
28A.235.280Free school mealsSystems to identify students.
28A.235.290Department of agriculture community eligibility provisionPlan to increase participationReports.
28A.235.300Department of agriculture community eligibility provisionRequired participationExemption.


Food donation and distributionLiability: Chapter 69.80 RCW.