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As a supplement to the authority otherwise granted by RCW 28A.215.010 through 28A.215.050 respecting the care or instruction, or both, of children in general, the board of directors of any school district may only utilize funds outside the state basic education appropriation and the state school transportation appropriation to:
(1) Contract with public and private entities to conduct all or any portion of the management and operation of a child care program at a school district site or elsewhere;
(2) Establish charges based upon costs incurred under this section and provide for the reduction or waiver of charges in individual cases based upon the financial ability of the parents or legal guardians of enrolled children to pay the charges, or upon their provision of other valuable consideration to the school district; and
(3) Transport children enrolled in a child care program to the program and to related sites using district-owned school buses and other motor vehicles, or by contracting for such transportation and related services: PROVIDED, That no child three years of age or younger shall be transported under the provisions of this section unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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