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Mathematics, engineering, and science achievement programFindings and intent.

The legislature finds that high technology is important to the state's economy and the welfare of its citizens. The legislature finds that certain groups, as characterized by sex or ethnic background, are traditionally underrepresented in mathematics, engineering, and the science-related professions in this state. The legislature finds that women and minority students have been traditionally discouraged from entering the fields of science and mathematics including teaching in these fields. The legislature finds that attitudes and knowledges acquired during the kindergarten through eighth grade prepare students to succeed in high school science and mathematics programs and that special skills necessary for these fields need to be acquired during the ninth through twelfth grades. It is the intent of the legislature to promote a mathematics, engineering, and science achievement program to help increase the number of people in these fields and teaching in these fields from groups underrepresented in these fields.


ImplementationFunding required1984 c 265: "Implementation of this act shall be subject to funds being appropriated or otherwise available for such purposes." [ 1984 c 265 § 6.]
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