Chapter 28A.160 RCW



HTMLPDF 28A.160.010Operation of student transportation programResponsibility of local districtScopeTransporting of elderlyInsurance.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.020Authorization for private school students to ride busesConditions.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.030Authorizing individual transportation or other arrangements.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.040Lease of buses to transport children with disabilities and elderlyLimitation.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.050Lease of buses to transport children with disabilities and elderlyDirectors to authorize.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.060Lease of buses to transport children with disabilities and elderlyLease at local levelCriteria.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.070Lease of buses to transport children with disabilities and elderlyElderly persons definedProgram limitation.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.080School buses, rental or lease for emergency purposesAuthorization.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.090School buses, rental or lease for emergency purposesBoard to determine district policyConditions if rent or lease.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.100School buses, transport of general public to interscholastic activitiesLimitations.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.110School buses, authorization for parent, guardian or custodian of a student to rideLimitations.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.115Bus routes.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.117Transportation efficiency reviewsReports.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.120Agreements with other governmental entities for transportation of public or other noncommon school purposesLimitations.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.130Transportation vehicle fundDeposits inUseRules for establishment and use.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.140Contract for pupil transportation services with private nongovernmental entityCompetitive bid proceduresRequirement for health care and pension benefits.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.150Student transportation allocationOperating costs, determination and funding.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.160Student transportation allocationDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.170Student transportation allocationDistrict's reports to superintendent.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.180Student transportation allocation determinationReport.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.185Student transportation allocationAdditional allowed uses under an emergencyAccounting.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.190Student transportation allocationNoticePayment schedule.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.191Student transportation allocationAdequacy for certain districtsAdjustment.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.192Student transportation allocationDistribution formula.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.193Transportation alternate funding grant program.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.195Vehicle acquisitionSchool bus categoriesCompetitive specificationsPurchaseReimbursementRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.200Vehicle acquisitionReimbursement scheduleMaintenance and operationDepreciation schedule.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.205School bus replacement incentive programRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.210School bus driversTraining and qualificationsRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.225Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.230Maintenance and repair of school buses by fire protection districtsAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.240Transportation of infants.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.250Supplemental transportation allocationHealth care and pension benefits.
HTMLPDF 28A.160.260Zero emission school busesCost of ownership formulaQualified reimbursementExceptions.


Age limit for bus drivers: RCW 46.20.045.
Rules for design, marking, operations: RCW 46.61.380.
School busesCrossing arms: RCW 46.37.620.
Signs required: RCW 46.37.193.
Stop signal and lamps: RCW 46.37.190.