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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Basic child support obligation" means the monthly child support obligation determined from the economic table based on the parties' combined monthly net income and the number of children for whom support is owed.
(2) "Child support schedule" means the standards, economic table, worksheets, and instructions, as defined in this chapter.
(3) "Court" means a superior court judge, court commissioner, and presiding and reviewing officers who administratively determine or enforce child support orders.
(4) "Deviation" means a child support amount that differs from the standard calculation.
(5) "Economic table" means the child support table for the basic support obligation provided in RCW 26.19.020.
(6) "Full-time" means the customary number of maximum, nonovertime hours worked in an individual's historical occupation, industry, and labor market. "Full-time" does not necessarily mean forty hours per week.
(7) "Instructions" means the instructions developed by the administrative office of the courts pursuant to RCW 26.19.050 for use in completing the worksheets.
(8) "Standards" means the standards for determination of child support as provided in this chapter.
(9) "Standard calculation" means the presumptive amount of child support owed as determined from the child support schedule before the court considers any reasons for deviation.
(10) "Support transfer payment" means the amount of money the court orders one parent to pay to another parent or custodian for child support after determination of the standard calculation and deviations. If certain expenses or credits are expected to fluctuate and the order states a formula or percentage to determine the additional amount or credit on an ongoing basis, the term "support transfer payment" does not mean the additional amount or credit.
(11) "Worksheets" means the forms developed by the administrative office of the courts pursuant to RCW 26.19.050 for use in determining the amount of child support.


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