Chapter 26.18 RCW



26.18.010Legislative findings.
26.18.030ApplicationLiberal construction.
26.18.035Other civil and criminal remedies applicable.
26.18.040Support or maintenance proceedings.
26.18.050Failure to comply with support or maintenance orderContempt actionOrder to show causeBench warrantContinuing jurisdiction.
26.18.055Child support liens.
26.18.070Mandatory wage assignmentPetition or motion.
26.18.080Wage assignment order or income withholding orderIssuanceInformation transmitted to state support registry.
26.18.090Wage assignment order for unpaid maintenanceContentsAmountsApportionment of disbursements.
26.18.110Wage assignment order or income withholding orderEmployer's answer, duties, and liabilityPriorities.
26.18.120Wage assignment orderEmployer's answerForm.
26.18.130Wage assignment order or income withholding orderService.
26.18.140Hearing to quash, modify, or terminate wage assignment order or income withholding orderGroundsAlternate payment plan.
26.18.150Bond or other security.
26.18.170Medical supportEnforcementRules.
26.18.180Liability of employer or unionPenalties.
26.18.190Compensation paid by agency, self-insurer, social security administration, or veterans' administration on behalf of child.
26.18.210Child support data report.
26.18.220Standard court formsMandatory use.
26.18.230Residential time summary report form.
26.18.240Extension of rights and responsibilitiesDomestic partnerships.
26.18.901ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Child support registry: Chapter 26.23 RCW.
Domestic violence prevention: Chapter 26.50 RCW.
Family abandonment, penalty: RCW 26.20.030.
Family nonsupport, penalty: RCW 26.20.035.
Homestead subject to execution for child support or spousal maintenance: RCW 6.13.080.