Chapter 23B.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 23B.25.005Becoming or ceasing to be a social purpose corporation.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.010Powers, rights, and obligationsDefinitionApplication of RCW 23B.03.010.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.020General social purposes.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.030Specific social purposes.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.040Articles of incorporationRequired and optional provisionsNoticeAvailability of copies.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.050Duties of directorStandardsLiabilities.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.060Duties of officerStandardsLiabilities.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.070SharesRepresented by certificateNot represented by certificate.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.080Instituting or maintaining proceedingsShareholders only.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.090Amendment to articles of incorporationChange to social purposesVoting requirements.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.100Plan of merger or share exchangeStatus as social purpose corporationVoting requirements.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.110Selling, leasing, exchanging, or disposing of propertyVoting requirements.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.120Shareholder dissentPayment of fair value, when.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.130Corporation converting to a social purpose corporationConditionsElection.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.140Corporation ceasing to be a social purpose corporationConditionsElection.
HTMLPDF 23B.25.150Social purpose report requiredTimingInformationFailure to comply.