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Chapter 23B.13 RCW



HTMLPDF 23B.13.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.020Right to dissent.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.030Dissent by nominees and beneficial owners.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.200Notice of dissenters' rights.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.210Notice of intent to demand payment.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.220Dissenters' rightsNotice.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.230Duty to demand payment.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.240Share restrictions.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.250Payment.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.260Failure to take corporate action.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.270After-acquired shares.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.280Procedure if shareholder dissatisfied with payment or offer.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.300Court action.
HTMLPDF 23B.13.310Court costs and counsel fees.