Chapter 23B.07 RCW



HTMLPDF 23B.07.010Annual meeting.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.020Special meeting.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.030Court-ordered meeting.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.035Inspectors to act at meetingsAppointmentDutiesCertain corporations.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.040Corporate action without a meeting or a vote.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.050Notice of meeting.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.060Waiver of notice.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.070Record date.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.080Shareholder participation by means of communication equipment.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.200Shareholders' list for meeting.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.210Voting entitlement of shares.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.220Proxies.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.230Shares held by nominees.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.240Corporation's acceptance or rejection of votes, ballots, consents, waivers, or proxy appointments.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.250Quorum and voting requirements.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.260Corporate action by single and multiple voting groups.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.270Greater or lesser quorum or voting requirements.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.280Voting for directorsCumulative voting.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.300Voting trusts.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.310Voting agreements.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.320Agreements among shareholdersAcquisition of shares after agreementLiability.
HTMLPDF 23B.07.400Derivative proceedings procedure.