Chapter 23B.06 RCW



HTMLPDF 23B.06.010Authorized shares.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.020Terms of class or series.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.030Issued and outstanding shares.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.040Fractional shares.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.200Subscription for shares before incorporation.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.210Issuance of shares.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.220Liability of shareholders.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.230Share dividends.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.240Share options.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.250Certificates.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.260Shares without certificates.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.270Restriction on transfer of shares and other securities.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.280Expense of issue.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.300Shareholders' preemptive rights.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.310Corporation's acquisition of its own shares.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.400Distributions to shareholders.
HTMLPDF 23B.06.410Stock split.