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Deposits as bailments.

Whenever any commodity shall be delivered to a warehouse under this chapter, and the scale ticket or warehouse receipt issued therefor provides for the return of a like amount of like kind, grade, and class to the holder thereof, such delivery shall be a bailment and not a sale of the commodity so delivered. In no case shall such commodities be liable to seizure upon process of any court in an action against such bailee, except action by the legal holder of the warehouse receipt to enforce the terms thereof. Such commodities, in the event of failure or insolvency of such bailee, shall be applied exclusively to the redemption of such outstanding warehouse receipts and scale weight tickets covering commodities so stored with such bailee. The commodities on hand in any warehouse or warehouses with a particular license, as provided in RCW 22.09.030, shall be applied to the redemption and satisfaction of warehouse receipts and scale weight tickets which were issued pursuant to the particular license. Commodities in special piles or special bins shall be applied exclusively against the warehouse receipts or scale weight tickets issued therefor.
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