Chapter 2.32 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.32.050Powers and duties of court clerks.
HTMLPDF 2.32.070FeesSupreme court clerk, clerks of court of appeals.
HTMLPDF 2.32.090Clerk not to practice law.
HTMLPDF 2.32.110Reporter's duties.
HTMLPDF 2.32.120Publication of reports.
HTMLPDF 2.32.130Correction by judges.
HTMLPDF 2.32.140Opinions available to reporter.
HTMLPDF 2.32.160Washington court reports commission.
HTMLPDF 2.32.170CommissionPowers.
HTMLPDF 2.32.180Superior court reportersQualificationsAppointmentTermsOath and bonds.
HTMLPDF 2.32.200Duties of official reporter.
HTMLPDF 2.32.210Court reporter salariesExpenses.
HTMLPDF 2.32.220Application to lesser judicial districts.
HTMLPDF 2.32.230One reporter for two lesser districts.
HTMLPDF 2.32.240Transcript of testimonyFeeForma pauperis.
HTMLPDF 2.32.250Transcript accorded verity.
HTMLPDF 2.32.260Notes of outgoing reporter may be transcribedEffect.
HTMLPDF 2.32.270Reporter pro tempore.
HTMLPDF 2.32.280Reporter as amanuensis in counties with populations of one hundred twenty-five thousand or more.
HTMLPDF 2.32.290Court files accessible to reporter.
HTMLPDF 2.32.300Office space.
HTMLPDF 2.32.310Other reporting service not precluded.
HTMLPDF 2.32.330Criers and bailiffs.
HTMLPDF 2.32.360Compensation of superior court bailiffs.
HTMLPDF 2.32.370Payment of compensation.


County clerk is clerk of superior court: State Constitution Art. 4 § 26.
Election of county clerk: Chapter 36.16 RCW.
Fees: RCW 36.18.020.
Oath and bond of county clerk: RCW 36.16.040 through 36.16.060.
Powers and duties of county clerk: Chapter 36.23 RCW.
Salary of county clerk: Chapter 36.17 RCW.
Trust fund: RCW 36.48.090.