Chapter 2.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.04.010Jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 2.04.020Court of recordGeneral powers.
HTMLPDF 2.04.030Supreme court and court of appealsWhen open.
HTMLPDF 2.04.031Court facilities.
HTMLPDF 2.04.040Effect of adjournments.
HTMLPDF 2.04.050Style of process.
HTMLPDF 2.04.070Number of judges.
HTMLPDF 2.04.071ElectionTerm of office.
HTMLPDF 2.04.080Oath of office.
HTMLPDF 2.04.092Salary of justices.
HTMLPDF 2.04.100Vacancy, how filled.
HTMLPDF 2.04.110Justices, judges to wear gowns.
HTMLPDF 2.04.150Apportionment of businessEn banc hearings.
HTMLPDF 2.04.180Rules of practice and forms of process in supreme court.
HTMLPDF 2.04.190Rules of pleading, practice, and procedure generally.
HTMLPDF 2.04.200Effect of rules upon statutes.
HTMLPDF 2.04.210Supplementary superior court rules.
HTMLPDF 2.04.215Adoption of rules for settlement conferences in civil cases.
HTMLPDF 2.04.220Effect of supreme court judgments.
HTMLPDF 2.04.230Report to governor.
HTMLPDF 2.04.240Judge pro temporeDeclaration of policyAppointmentOath of office.
HTMLPDF 2.04.250Judge pro temporeRemuneration.
HTMLPDF 2.04.260BailiffsThreat assessments and investigations.


Commissioner of the supreme court: Rules of court: SAR 15.
Judiciary and judicial power: State Constitution Art. 4.
Publication of opinions: Chapter 2.32 RCW.