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PawnbrokersSale of pledged property limitedWritten document required for transactions.

(1) The term of the loan shall be for a period of ninety days to include the date of the loan.
(2) A pawnbroker shall not sell any property received in pledge, until a minimum of ninety days has expired. However, if a pledged article is not redeemed within the ninety-day period of the term of the loan, the pawnbroker shall have all rights, title, and interest of that item of personal property. The pawnbroker shall not be required to account to the pledgor for the proceeds received from the disposition of that item. Any provision of law relating to the foreclosures and the subsequent sale of forfeited pledged items, shall not be applicable to any pledge as defined under this chapter, the title to which is transferred in accordance with this section.
(3) Every loan transaction entered into by a pawnbroker shall be evidenced by a written document, a copy of which shall be furnished to the pledgor. The document shall set forth the term of the loan; the final date on which the loan is due and payable; the loan preparation fee; the storage fee; the firearm fee, if applicable; any other fee allowed under law that is charged; the amount of interest charged every thirty days; the total amount due including the principal amount, the preparation fee, and all interest charges due if the loan is outstanding for the full ninety days allowed by the term; and the annual percentage rate, and shall inform the pledgor of the pledgor's right to redeem the pledge at any time within the term of the loan.
(4) If a person who has entered into a loan transaction with a pawnbroker in this state is unable to redeem and repay the loan on or before the expiration of the term of the loan, and that person wishes to retain his or her rights to use that item by rewriting the loan, and if both parties mutually agree, an existing loan transaction may be rewritten into a new loan, either in person or by mail. All applicable provisions of this chapter shall be followed in rewriting a loan, except that where an existing loan is rewritten by mail RCW 19.60.020(1) (a) and (g) shall not apply.
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