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Deeds, etc., in trust for grantor void as to creditors.

That all deeds of gift, all conveyances, and all transfers or assignments, verbal or written, of goods, chattels or things in action, made in trust for the use of the person making the same, shall be void as against the existing or subsequent creditors of such person. For purposes of this section, a person shall not be treated as having made a disposition in trust for the use of that person by reason of a lapse of a power of withdrawal over the income or corpus of a trust created by another person. For this purpose, notification to the trustee of the trust of an intent not to exercise the power of withdrawal shall not be treated as a release of the power of withdrawal, but shall be treated as a lapse of the power.
[ 2006 c 360 § 14; Code 1881 § 2324; RRS § 5824. Prior: 1863 p 412 § 1; 1860 p 298 § 1; 1854 p 403 § 1.]


Clarification of lawsEnforceability of actSeverability2006 c 360: See notes following RCW 11.108.070.
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