Chapter 19.27A RCW



HTMLPDF 19.27A.015State energy codeMinimum and maximum energy code.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.020State energy codeAdoption by state building code councilPreemption of local residential energy codes.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.025Nonresidential buildingsMinimum standardsAmendments.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.027Personal wireless service facilities exempt from building envelope insulation requirements.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.045Maintaining energy code for residential structures.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.050State building code councilConstructionInclusion of successor agency.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.060Hot water heatersTemperature regulation.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.070Intent.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.080Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.090Portable oil-fueled heatersSales and useApproval required.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.100Portable oil-fueled heatersRequirements for approval.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.110Portable oil-fueled heatersJurisdiction over approvalSale and use governed exclusively.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.120ViolationsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.130Finding2009 c 423.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.140Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.150Strategic planDevelopment and implementation.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.160Residential and nonresidential constructionEnergy consumption reductionCouncil report.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.170UtilitiesMaintenance of records of energy consumption dataDisclosure.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.180Energy performance scoreImplementation strategyDevelopment and recommendations.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.190Qualifying public agency dutiesEnergy benchmarkPerformance ratingReports.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.200State energy performance standardDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.210State energy performance standard.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.220State energy performance standardEarly adoption incentive programReport to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.230State energy performance standardLimit on early adoption incentive payments.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.240State energy performance standardEarly adoption incentive payment administration.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.250State energy management and benchmarking requirement.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.260Campus energy system decarbonization planDefinitionsReportAlternative compliance pathway.
HTMLPDF 19.27A.270New housing in existing buildingsAdoption of rule.


State building code: Chapter 19.27 RCW.