Chapter 19.27 RCW



19.27.010Short title.
19.27.031State building codeAdoptionConflictsOpinions.
19.27.035Process for review.
19.27.040Cities and counties authorized to amend state building codeLimitations.
19.27.042Cities and countiesEmergency exemptions for housing for indigent persons.
19.27.060Local building regulations supersededExceptions.
19.27.065ExemptionTemporary growing structures used for commercial production of horticultural plants.
19.27.067Temporary worker housingExemptionStandards.
19.27.070State building code councilEstablishedMembershipTravel expenses.
19.27.074State building code councilDutiesPublic meetingsTiming of code changes.
19.27.076State building code councilOpen public access information technologies.
19.27.077State building code councilMobile on-demand gasoline operationsAdoption of rulesFees.
19.27.080Chapters of RCW not affected.
19.27.085Building code council accountBuilding permit fee.
19.27.087Building permit and plan review feesAgricultural structures.
19.27.090Local jurisdictions reserved.
19.27.095Building permit applicationConsiderationRequirements.
19.27.097Building permit applicationEvidence of adequate water supplyAuthority of a county or city to impose additional requirementsApplicabilityExemptionGroundwater withdrawal authorized under RCW 90.44.050.
19.27.100Cities, towns, counties may impose fees different from state building code.
19.27.110International fire codeAdministration and enforcement by counties, other political subdivisions and municipal corporationsFees.
19.27.111RCW 19.27.080 not affected.
19.27.113Automatic fire-extinguishing systems for certain school buildings.
19.27.120Buildings or structures having special historical or architectural significanceException.
19.27.140Copy of permit to county assessor.
19.27.150Report to department of enterprise services.
19.27.160Counties with populations of from five thousand to less than ten thousandOrdinance reenactment.
19.27.175Recycled materialsStudy code and adopt changes.
19.27.180Residential buildings moved into a city or countyApplicability of building codes and electrical installation requirements.
19.27.190Indoor air qualityInterim and final requirements for maintenance.
19.27.195Renewable energy systemsStudy code and adopt changes.
19.27.490Fish habitat enhancement project.
19.27.500NightclubsAutomatic sprinkler systemBuilding code council shall adopt rules.
19.27.510"Nightclub" defined.
19.27.520Building constructed, used, or converted to nightclubIn accordance with chapter.
19.27.530Carbon monoxide alarmsRequirementsExemptionsAdoption of rules.
19.27.540Electric vehicle infrastructure requirementsRules.
19.27.550Accessible parking space access aisles.
19.27.560International Wildland Urban Interface Code.
19.27.570Mass timber productsBuilding construction.
19.27.580Use of substitutesAdoption of rules.
19.27.710Owners of buildings equipped with fire dampers, smoke dampers, combination fire and smoke dampers, or smoke control systemsDutiesPenalty.
19.27.720Inspections and testsQualificationsReportPenalty.
19.27.730State building code council and director of fire protectionImplementation and enforcement.
19.27.740Building ownerViolationsPenalties.


Building permits: RCW 36.21.070 and 36.21.080.
adoption of building, plumbing, electrical codes, etc: RCW 36.32.120(7).
building codes: Chapter 36.43 RCW.
Energy-related building standards: Chapter 19.27A RCW.
Underground storage tanks: RCW 70A.355.020.