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Commercial electronic text messageProhibition on initiation or assistanceViolation of consumer protection act.

(1) No person conducting business in the state may initiate or assist in the transmission of an electronic commercial text message to a telephone number assigned to a Washington resident for cellular telephone or pager service that is equipped with short message capability or any similar capability allowing the transmission of text messages.
(2) The legislature finds that the practices covered by this section are matters vitally affecting the public interest for the purpose of applying the consumer protection act, chapter 19.86 RCW. A violation of this section is not reasonable in relation to the development and preservation of business and is an unfair or deceptive act in trade or commerce and an unfair method of competition for the purpose of applying the consumer protection act, chapter 19.86 RCW.


Intent2003 c 137: "The legislature recognizes that the number of unsolicited commercial text messages sent to cellular telephones and pagers is increasing. This practice is raising serious concerns on the part of cellular telephone and pager subscribers. These unsolicited messages often result in costs to the cellular telephone and pager subscribers in that they pay for use when a message is received through their devices. The limited memory of these devices can be exhausted by unwanted text messages resulting in the inability to receive necessary and expected messages.
The legislature intents [intends] to limit the practice of sending unsolicited commercial text messages to cellular telephone or pager numbers in Washington." [ 2003 c 137 § 1.]
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