Chapter 19.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.16.100Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.16.110License required.
HTMLPDF 19.16.120Unprofessional conductSupport order, noncompliance.
HTMLPDF 19.16.130LicenseApplicationFormContents.
HTMLPDF 19.16.140LicenseApplicationFeesExemptions.
HTMLPDF 19.16.150Branch office certificate required.
HTMLPDF 19.16.160License and branch office certificateFormContentsDisplay.
HTMLPDF 19.16.170Procedure upon change of name or business location.
HTMLPDF 19.16.180Assignability of license or branch office certificate.
HTMLPDF 19.16.190Surety bond requirementsCash deposit or securitiesException.
HTMLPDF 19.16.200Action on bond, cash deposit or securities.
HTMLPDF 19.16.210Accounting and payments by licensee to customer.
HTMLPDF 19.16.220Accounting and payments by customer to licensee.
HTMLPDF 19.16.230LicenseeBusiness officeRecords to be kept.
HTMLPDF 19.16.240LicenseeTrust fund accountException.
HTMLPDF 19.16.245Financial statement.
HTMLPDF 19.16.250Prohibited practices.
HTMLPDF 19.16.260Licensing prerequisite to suitDebt buyerProhibited acts.
HTMLPDF 19.16.270Presumption of validity of assignment.
HTMLPDF 19.16.280Board createdComposition of boardQualification of members.
HTMLPDF 19.16.290BoardInitial membersTermsOathRemoval.
HTMLPDF 19.16.300Board meetingsQuorumEffect of vacancy.
HTMLPDF 19.16.310BoardCompensationReimbursement of travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 19.16.320BoardTerritorial scope of operations.
HTMLPDF 19.16.330BoardImmunity from suit.
HTMLPDF 19.16.340BoardRecords.
HTMLPDF 19.16.351Additional powers and duties of board.
HTMLPDF 19.16.390Personal service of process outside state.
HTMLPDF 19.16.410Rules, orders, decisions, etc.
HTMLPDF 19.16.420Copy of this chapter, rules and regulations available to licensee.
HTMLPDF 19.16.430ViolationsOperating agency without a licensePenaltyReturn of fees or compensation.
HTMLPDF 19.16.440Collection agencyProhibited actsUnfair and deceptive trade practices under chapter 19.86 RCW.
HTMLPDF 19.16.450Violation of RCW 19.16.250 or 19.16.260Additional penalty.
HTMLPDF 19.16.460Violations may be enjoined.
HTMLPDF 19.16.470ViolationsAssurance of discontinuanceEffect.
HTMLPDF 19.16.480Violation of injunctionCivil penalty.
HTMLPDF 19.16.500Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees.
HTMLPDF 19.16.510Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
HTMLPDF 19.16.900Provisions cumulativeViolation of RCW 19.16.250 deemed civil.
HTMLPDF 19.16.920Provisions exclusiveAuthority of political subdivisions to levy business and occupation taxes not affected.
HTMLPDF 19.16.930Effective date1971 ex.s. c 253.
HTMLPDF 19.16.940Short title.
HTMLPDF 19.16.950Section headings.
HTMLPDF 19.16.960ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.