Chapter 19.118 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.118.005Legislative intent.
HTMLPDF 19.118.010Motor vehicle manufacturersExpress warrantiesService and repair facilities.
HTMLPDF 19.118.021Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.118.031Manufacturers and new motor vehicle dealersResponsibilities to consumersExtension of eligibility period.
HTMLPDF 19.118.041Replacement or repurchase of nonconforming new motor vehicleReasonable number of attemptsNotice by consumer regarding motor home nonconformityLiabilities and rights of partiesApplication of consumer protection act.
HTMLPDF 19.118.061Vehicle with nonconformities or out of serviceNotification of correctionResale or transfer of titleIssuance of new titleDisclosure to buyerIntervening transferor.
HTMLPDF 19.118.070Remedies.
HTMLPDF 19.118.080New motor vehicle arbitration boardsArbitration proceedingsPrerequisite to filing action in superior court.
HTMLPDF 19.118.090Request for arbitrationEligibilityManufacturer's responseDefensesRemediesAcceptance or appeal.
HTMLPDF 19.118.095Arbitration decisionComplianceAccomplishmentDisputeFailureFineCostsAttorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 19.118.100Trial de novoPosting securityRecovery.
HTMLPDF 19.118.110Arbitration feeNew motor vehicle arbitration accountReport by attorney general.
HTMLPDF 19.118.120Application of consumer protection act.
HTMLPDF 19.118.130Waivers, limitations, disclaimersVoid.
HTMLPDF 19.118.140Other rights and remedies not precluded.
HTMLPDF 19.118.150Informal dispute resolution settlement procedure.
HTMLPDF 19.118.160Arbitration programWhen established by attorney general.
HTMLPDF 19.118.170History of vehicleAvailability to owner.
HTMLPDF 19.118.900Effective dates1987 c 344.
HTMLPDF 19.118.904Effective date1989 c 347.