Chapter 19.110 RCW



19.110.010Legislative declaration.
19.110.030Sale or lease of business opportunityOffer to sell or lease business opportunityOccurrence in Washington.
19.110.040Application of chapter.
19.110.050Persons proposing to sell or lease business opportunityRegistration requiredApplicationRenewalDenial, suspension, or revocation of registration.
19.110.060Registration fees.
19.110.070Disclosure document requiredContents.
19.110.075Business opportunity fraudPenalties.
19.110.080Disclosure documentDirector authorized to accept alternative.
19.110.090Persons proposing to sell or lease business opportunityService of process.
19.110.100Seller to provide surety bond or trust accountAction by state or injured personDamages.
19.110.110Business opportunity contractContentCancellation period.
19.110.120Unlawful acts.
19.110.130Liability of seller for violation of chapterRemediesDamages.
19.110.140Director authorized to investigate violationsAuthority to subpoena witnesses or require production of documents.
19.110.143Subpoena authorityApplicationContentsNoticeFees.
19.110.150Order to cease and desistHearingNotice.
19.110.160Actions by attorney general or prosecuting attorney to enjoin violationsInjunctionAppointment of receiver or conservatorCivil penalties.
19.110.170Violations constitute unfair practice.
19.110.180Authority of director to issue rules, forms, orders, interpretive opinions.
19.110.190Appointment of administratorDelegation of powers.
19.110.900Chapter cumulative and nonexclusive.
19.110.910Short title.
19.110.930Effective date1981 c 155.


Reviser's note: Powers, duties, and functions of the department of licensing relating to business opportunities were transferred to the department of financial institutions by 1993 c 472, effective October 1, 1993. See RCW 43.320.011.