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Applicants or registrants under this chapter shall pay fees determined by the director as provided in RCW 43.24.086. The fees shall be prepaid and the director may determine fees for the following activities or events:
(1) A fee for the initial application and an additional fee for each camping resort contract registered;
(2) Renewals of camping resort registrations and an additional fee for each additional camping resort contract registered;
(3) An initial and annual fee for processing and administering any required impound, trust, reserve, or escrow arrangement and security arrangements for such programs;
(4) The review and processing of advertising or promotional materials;
(5) Registration and renewal of registrations of salespersons;
(6) The transfer of a salesperson's permit from one operator to another;
(7) Administering examinations for salespersons;
(8) Amending the registration or the public offering statement;
(9) Conducting site inspections;
(10) Granting exemptions under this chapter;
(11) Penalties for registrants in any situation where a registrant has failed to file an amendment to the registration or the public offering statement in a timely manner for material changes, as required in this chapter and its implementing rules.
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