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As used in this chapter, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:
(1) "Camping resort" means any enterprise, other than one that is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, that has as its primary purpose the ownership, operation, or promotion of campgrounds that includes or will include camping sites.
(2) "Camping resort contract" means an agreement evidencing a purchaser's title to, estate or interest in, or right or license to use for more than thirty days the campground of a camping resort.
(3) "Camping site" means a space designed and promoted for the purpose of locating a trailer, tent, tent trailer, pickup camper, or other similar device used for land-based portable housing.
(4) "Purchaser" means a person who enters into a camping resort contract and thereby obtains title to, an estate or interest in, or license or the right to use the campground of a camping resort.
(5) "Person" means any individual, corporation, partnership, trust, association, or other organization other than a government or a subdivision thereof.
(6) "Director" means the director of licensing.
(7) "Camping resort operator" means any person who establishes, promotes, owns, or operates a camping resort.
(8) "Advertisement" means any offer, written, printed, audio, or visual, by general solicitation, including all material used by an operator in a membership referral program.
(9) "Offer" means any solicitation reasonably designed to result in the entering into of a camping resort contract.
(10) "Sale" or "sell" means entering into, or other disposition, of a camping resort contract for value, but the term value does not include a reasonable fee to offset the ministerial costs of transfer of a camping resort contract if, in transferring the contract or membership, the terms of the original contract or membership are not changed by the camping resort operator.
(11) "Salesperson" means any individual, other than a camping resort operator, who is engaged in obtaining commitments of persons to enter into camping resort contracts by making a sales presentation to, or negotiating sales with, the persons, but does not include members of a camping resort engaged in the referral of persons without making a sales presentation to the persons.
(12) "Affiliate" means any person who, directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls or is controlled by or is under common control of a registrant or camping resort operator.
(13) "Campground" means real property owned or operated by a camping resort that is available for camping or outdoor recreation by purchasers of camping resort contracts.
(14) "Department" means the department of licensing.
(15) "Resale camping resort contract" means a camping resort contract offered or sold which is not the original offer, transfer, or sale of such contract, and not a forfeited contract being reoffered by an operator.
(16) "Start-up camping resort contract" means a camping resort contract that is being offered or sold for the first time or a forfeited contract being resold by a camping resort operator.
(17) "Blanket encumbrance" means any mortgage, deed of trust, option to purchase, vendor's lien or interest under a contract or agreement of sale, or other material financing lien or encumbrance granted by the camping resort operator or affiliate that secures or evidences the obligation to pay money or to sell or convey any campgrounds made available to purchasers by the camping resort operator or any portion thereof and that authorizes, permits, or requires the foreclosure or other disposition of the campground affected.
(18) "Nondisturbance agreement" means an instrument by which the holder of a blanket encumbrance agrees that: (a) Its rights in any campground made available to purchasers, prior or subsequent to the agreement, by the camping resort operator shall be subordinate to the rights of purchasers from and after the recording of the instrument; (b) the holder and all successors and assignees, and any person who acquires the campground through foreclosure or by deed in lieu of foreclosure of such blanket encumbrance, shall take the campground subject to the use rights of purchasers; and (c) the holder or any successor acquiring the campground through the blanket encumbrance shall not discontinue use, or cause the campground to be used, in a manner which would materially prevent purchasers from using or occupying the campground in a manner contemplated by the purchasers' camping resort contracts. However, the holder has no obligation or liability to assume the responsibilities or obligations of the camping resort operator under camping resort contracts.
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