Chapter 19.100 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.100.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.100.020Unlawful in certain instances to sell or offer to sell franchise if unregistered or not exempt.
HTMLPDF 19.100.030Exemptions from registration requirements.
HTMLPDF 19.100.040Application for registrationContentsFiling.
HTMLPDF 19.100.050Escrow or impoundment of franchise fees as registration conditionRules or ordersProcedure to rescind.
HTMLPDF 19.100.060Registration statementEffective, when.
HTMLPDF 19.100.070RegistrationClaim of exemption filingDurationRenewalSupplemental report.
HTMLPDF 19.100.080Unlawful actsSale of franchiseTerms of franchise agreement.
HTMLPDF 19.100.090Filings, registration, or finding of directorConstruction.
HTMLPDF 19.100.100AdvertisementsCopy to be filed.
HTMLPDF 19.100.110AdvertisementsFalse or misleadingNoticeProcedure.
HTMLPDF 19.100.120Registration statementStop orderGrounds.
HTMLPDF 19.100.130Registration statementStop orderNoticeHearingModification or vacation of order.
HTMLPDF 19.100.140Registration of franchise brokers required.
HTMLPDF 19.100.150Records and accountsReports.
HTMLPDF 19.100.160Application of chapterJurisdictionService of processConsent.
HTMLPDF 19.100.170Violations.
HTMLPDF 19.100.180Relation between franchisor and franchiseeRights and prohibitions.
HTMLPDF 19.100.184Terms and conditions from negotiations initiated by franchisee.
HTMLPDF 19.100.190Unfair or deceptive actsSuits for damagesViolations of other acts, use in evidence.
HTMLPDF 19.100.200Pendency of other proceedings tolls limitation of action.
HTMLPDF 19.100.210ViolationsInjunctionsAssurance of discontinuanceCivil and criminal penaltiesChapter nonexclusive.
HTMLPDF 19.100.220Exceptions or exemptionsBurden of proofWaivers of compliance voidSettlement release or waiverChapter as fundamental policy.
HTMLPDF 19.100.230Referral of evidence to attorney general or prosecuting attorney.
HTMLPDF 19.100.240Fees.
HTMLPDF 19.100.242Investigations by director.
HTMLPDF 19.100.243Subpoena authorityApplicationContentsNoticeFees.
HTMLPDF 19.100.245Investigatory powersProceedings for contempt.
HTMLPDF 19.100.248Cease and desist orders.
HTMLPDF 19.100.250Powers of director as to rules, forms, orders and defining termsInterpretive opinions.
HTMLPDF 19.100.252Denial, suspension, or revocation of franchise broker by director.
HTMLPDF 19.100.255Denial, suspension, or revocation of exemption by director.
HTMLPDF 19.100.260Applicability of administrative procedure act.
HTMLPDF 19.100.270Administrator of securities.
HTMLPDF 19.100.900Chapter applicable to existing and future franchises and contracts.
HTMLPDF 19.100.910Chapter cumulative and nonexclusive.
HTMLPDF 19.100.920Effective date1971 ex.s. c 252.
HTMLPDF 19.100.940Short title.


Reviser's note: Powers, duties, and functions of the department of licensing relating to franchises were transferred to the department of financial institutions by 1993 c 472, effective October 1, 1993. See RCW 43.320.011.
Business opportunity fraud act: Chapter 19.110 RCW.