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Duty to disclose information to client.

(1) Psychologists licensed under this chapter shall provide clients at the commencement of any program of treatment with accurate disclosure information concerning their practice, in accordance with guidelines developed by the board, which will inform clients of the purposes of and resources available under this chapter, including the right of clients to refuse treatment, the responsibility of clients for choosing the provider and treatment modality which best suits their needs, and the extent of confidentiality provided by this chapter. The disclosure information provided by the psychologist, the receipt of which shall be acknowledged in writing by the psychologist and client, shall include any relevant education and training, the therapeutic orientation of the practice, the proposed course of treatment where known, any financial requirements, and such other information as the board may require by rule.
(2) In inpatient settings, the health facility shall provide clients with the disclosure statement at the commencement of any program of treatment, and shall post the statement in a conspicuous location accessible to the client.
(3) The board shall provide for modification of the guidelines as appropriate in cases where the client has been referred by the court, a state agency, or other governmental body to a particular provider for specified evaluation or treatment.
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